Fort Wayne woman pleads guilty to August home invasions

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – A Fort Wayne woman pleaded guilty to her involvement in last year’s home invasion robberies.

The robberies took place on August 11 and 27, and in both cases, men were tied up and held at gunpoint while items such as jewelry, cash and gold collectibles were stolen.

The Journal Gazette reports Amber Lunsford, 26, was with the group who robbed the men. Police say Lunsford knew the men because she had been contacted by them through online ads for escorts.

Lunsford was charged with burglary, armed robbery and criminal confinement in both cases.

Back in September, Lunsford told police she was forced by her boyfriend, Tyray Bradley, to participate in the robberies.

Bradley, Maleya Morris and Vincent Morris were each charged in the August 27 robbery. Vincent Morris was also charged in the August 11 robbery.


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