Fort Wayne “wheel tax” debate continues, and festival season does well for area small businesses

Lucretia Cardenas, Editor of Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly joined Charly Butcher on “Fort Wayne Business Weekly” to talk about the articles in this weeks issue:

1) Funding the festivities
With warmer temperatures, attending a festival in northeast Indiana seems nearly inevitable. Pick a county, and it’s likely hosting at least one festival this summer. Making these festivals happen, however, is not as carefree as attending them. Between obtaining vendors, volunteers and attendees, acquiring funding and making sure the weekend runs as smoothly as possible, festivals require more work than many consider.
2) Fort Wayne to consider wheel tax
The Fort Wayne City Council is considering a new tax on each vehicle registered in the city because its income has declined and road construction costs have increased more than projected.

3) Biosecurity a must at local bird farms                                                                     Mention avian influenza to any bird farmer and it is sure to make them shudder.  The 2015 avian influenza sweep across the country infected more than 49 million birds. Although Hoosier farms had time to prepare themselves for probable infestation as the influenza moved east, many farms found they were ill-prepared. Most farms have since recovered, but not without a punch to the pocketbook, both in lost profits and in purchasing increased biosecurity to protect their farms from another possible outbreak.

4) Big data benefits, concerns

Big data can bring big challenges, particularly when connected to commodity industries where speculation can be a threat to a fair market. This is a concern among farmers locally, as well as nationally, and the Indiana Farm Bureau is one of the groups leading the charge in ensuring farmers’ data is protected – however a farmer defines protection.


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