Fort Wayne restaurant temporarily closes due to COVID outbreak

"Closed sign" by khawkins04, CC BY 2.0

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Customers will have to wait almost two weeks before they can eat at Paula’s on Main again.

According to our Partners in News at ABC 21, the owners have closed the restaurant until August 23rd due to an outbreak of COVID-19 that has gotten four workers sick so far.

“We can all go to sleep at night knowing that we weren’t just thinking of ourselves and we’re thinking about everyone else and doing the thing that is right, letting people know this is what is going on here,” co-owner Sonja Aghabekian said.

“I think a little 10-day break here and there to regroup, reset everything is not a bad thing,” she added, saying that employees would be paid using federal relief money from the Paycheck Protection Program in the meantime.


  1. Paula’s. I stopped eating at your place when you became maskholes and haven’t been back. Don’t plan on returning any time. Plenty of other places to spend my hard earned money.


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