Fort Wayne pain doctor in court in quest to get gun collection back

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): An embattled Fort Wayne doctor wants his guns back and he was in court Friday morning for that very reason.

Dr. Michael Cozzi is accused of over-prescribing controlled substances at his Fort Wayne medical office. He allegedly prescribed drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone to 1,700 separate people in the first 38 days of 2016.

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Cozzi was in court for a status hearing on his request to get his gun collection back, according to 21Alive. No decision was made.

His medical license was suspended following a raid of his home and business. The Drug Enforcement Administration says at least three of his patients died due to complications from drug use.

In August, Cozzi will have a hearing with the State Board of Health to decide if he can resume practice.

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  1. When a Dr. suddenly stops seeing patients in a city,those patients must find another doctor in a hurry….and when no other doctor in Fort Wayne would step up and help the thousands of patients that were abandoned by Dr. Hedricks of “Centers for Pain Relief” clinics,when they were forced to close with no warning,over night…Dr. Michael Cozzi MD was the ONLY one who attempted to help those patients,as well as his own patients…and theres only 1 way to do that and that was by trying to see as many patients as he and his staff could….more patients obviously mean more prescriptions,and when you are a doctor in Pain Management most of your prescriptions,obviously will be for narcoticc pain meds? And if his patients abusing there meds….how is he supposed to know after his scripts leave his office? And as for Dr Cozzis personal life is nobody else’s concern but his and his families…people need to get a life and quit gossipiing about something they know nothing about? For patients and employees that have had bad experiences with him…just go elsewhere and find another doctor,dont hop on the insult and slander wagon that many people are on…grow up….there ARE consequences to what you type and say on the internet…there is alot of information on the internet and most of it is NOT FACT


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