Fort Wayne issues sewer overflow warning

(Photo Supplied / City of Fort Wayne)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): All the snow and rain we’ve gotten recently has prompted the City of Fort Wayne to issue a warning about sewer overflows.

When it rains, the city’s 100-year-old combined sewers are prone to overflowing a combination of untreated stormwater and sewage into Fort Wayne’s waterways.

As a result, the City is telling you to avoid direct contact with water in the St. Mary’s River, Maumee River, and Spy Run Creek for at least three days.

If you do make contact, wash with clean water immediately. Fort Wayne is currently in the middle of building a deep rock tunnel miles under the city that is expected to eventually reduce overflows, and drainage problems in general, by 90%.

The affected CSO waterways include:
* St. Marys River from Airport Expressway to the confluence of the Maumee River.
* Maumee River from the confluence of the St. Joseph River and the St. Marys River through the city of New Haven to the Platter Road bridge over the Maumee River in Milan Township.
* Spy Run Creek.


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