Fort Wayne Community Schools will require masks in all buildings

Photo Supplied/Fort Wayne Community Schools

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne Community Schools will require masks in all buildings beginning Wednesday, August 11th, following guidance from the CDC as cases of the Delta variant of COVID-19 continue to surge among the unvaccinated.

Superintendent Mark Daniel made the announcement at Monday night’s board meeting, citing lengthy discussions with health officials as well as staff members.

All students, faculty and staff will be required to wear masks inside all Fort Wayne Community Schools buildings, due in part to such a low vaccination rate among students. CDC officials said Monday that less than 30 percent of 12-18 year old people are vaccinated. Adding to the complications is that the Delta variant is infecting children, and currently, the vaccines aren’t available for those under 12.

The first day of school for FWCS students is August 16.

Meanwhile, the East Allen County Schools board also met Monday night, and decided to continue keeping masks optional for students and staff.


  1. Should I say I knew this was coming? Follow the science? What a joke! Some of us got vaccinated to be protected. It’s an Americans god given right to chose. You are all blinded by this Democratic, Biden lies, deception, and just blatant stupidity. Thank you FWCS for proving to all of us again that you can’t think for yourself and you’ve given up your right to choose and you’ve decided for everyone else that they are to give up their right to choose just to conform with a communist dictatorship. Together we stand, Divided we fall. God bless America! Never this communist government we face today. We veterans and service members know.

  2. Daniels needs fired. These kids have suffered enough all last year suffocating in those godforsaken masks. No show choir, Christmas program, or singing in music class. The masks do not keep you from getting sick. I stopped wearing these months ago and I’ll be damned of I ever ever do so again. Was at the ER yesterday with my son who hurt his back. The nurse told me that only a very very small % of covid positive people even get admitted. He told me it’s obviously a political agenda. Meaning the propaganda the media and certain elected officials would have us believe.

  3. FWCS decision is so stupid, the only way to sum it up…… If you follow the Science, your decision is Child abuse!!!

    Glad my kid doesn’t go there otherwise I would be pulling them out.

    Disgusting morons!!!

  4. If teachers that are for the vaccine for covid have already been vaccinated and we all know children are not super spreaders nor do they normally get deathly ill; then why the tyranny and suppression? Let parents and students have a choice. Mark Daniels does not know every students medical history. It has been proven over and over that masking children is unkind to their health. This doesn’t make sense.

  5. I will be removing my children from this system. No alternative options to learn from home. If you are mandating our children/ teachers to wear masks then obviously it is far to dangerous to not have at home options. Or is it about control? The overall education is horrible and the decisions made follow suit.

  6. I must add….

    Masks are a symbol of Government power over the individual, while also a symbol of the Government’s LACK of power over the Virus

  7. No way would my kids be attending any government school. Waste of money. If we didn’t have to support them through property taxes, they’d collapse. Do your kids a favor and get them out.


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