Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo says Bill the lion may have cancer

(Photo Supplied/ Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The Fort Wayne Children’s zoo has sad news.

Bill, a 9-year-old African lion, has nodules consistent with cancer, according to the Fort Wayne Zoo.

Zoo staff began to worry about Bill’s health in the fall of 2015 when they noticed his appetite changed.

He was first examined in February and seemed to improve with treatment, but eventually got worse. Vets found the nodules during nother exam on March 30.

Bill arrived at the zoo in December 2008 with Ina, the zoo’s African lioness.

“Bill’s friendly, laid back personality has always made him a hit with the staff,” Dr. Joe Smith, director of animal programs at the zoo, said. “He is a favorite with our visitors, posing regularly in front of the smaller exhibit window for that perfect photo. The people in our community know him by name.”

The beloved lion won’t be on exhibit when the zoo opens at the end of April. Bill will be in a behind-the-scenes exercise yard where he can rest privately.

The zoo says the staff will continue to care for Bill and to keep him as comfortable as possible.


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