Former White House doc: Pfizer COVID vaccine has new name, same ingredients

(Photo Supplied)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): You might have heard of another COVID-19 vaccine, but is it really a new version?

Last week the Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech vaccine got full approval from the FDA, but now there’s a new name being thrown around: Comirnaty.

Former White House Physician William Lang tells WOWO News you shouldn’t worry if you’re offered that one: it’s the exact same thing as the Pfizer shot, made the same way, just with a different brand name.

“There is no difference. It’s just that one is post-approval, so they can put a brand name on it, and the other is pre-approval. There is absolutely no difference.”

The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots are currently awaiting full FDA approval. They, too, will get brand names when and if that happens.


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