After focus on social issues, Pence facing tough re-election

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Gov. Mike Pence is trying to pivot his focus from social issues to Indiana’s improving economy as he faces a difficult re-election campaign.

Under the Republican, Indiana has marched to the front lines of the nation’s culture wars. It’s a significant detour from the vision of his wildly popular predecessor, Mitch Daniels, who once called on Republicans to adopt a “truce” on social issues in order to focus on the economy.

Even some of Pence’s allies say he may have overreached.

Pence has pushed for a gay marriage ban and signed a restrictive new abortion limits into law. He also signed a religious objections law last year that drew widespread backlash from critics who say it was anti-gay.

Pollsters say that has alienated some of moderate suburban voters.


  1. There are so few people who fall into the LGBT category that their votes against Pence should not make any kind of difference. If Pence had been stronger and less wishy-washy he would have an even greater chance of crushing a Democrat. If there is a reason not to vote for Pence it is because he has been such a wimp.


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