Five overdose on Spice at Headwaters Park

( Elliott-Abshire License:​ )

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The drug problem continues to get worse in Fort Wayne, as responders had to deal with five overdoses at the same time at Headwaters Park Thursday afternoon.

Emergency responders were called to the park at about 2pm, finding all five people to have overdosed on Spice, which our Partners in News at ABC 21 report is now only second to heroin as the most popular illegal drug in town.

It’s allegedly pushed to users as “safer” than other drugs, but our report earlier this week revealed it’s usually mixed with bug spray or antifreeze.

The Fort Wayne Police Department says last week alone they dealt with 21 Spice overdoses in the same day, as Allen County is headed toward a record year.


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