Firework accident kills area man

(Jon Zimney/WOWO News)

WARREN, Ind. (WOWO): A Blackford County man is dead after being struck by debris caused by a firework accident early Sunday morning.

According to the Huntington County Coroner, 41-year-old Steven Sims of Hartford City was hit in the abdomen by shrapnel created after a mortar shell exploded inside its tube at about 12:20am at 965 West County Road 700 South in Huntington County.

Lifesaving efforts were made but he died at the scene from his injuries. An autopsy is underway, and toxicology results are pending.


  1. Fireworks can be a lifetime of memories.
    Most the population will consider them good, however, there is a tiny percentage that will never forget the scars and horrors.
    My heart goes out to this persons family, and friends, that will be forever scared by this unfortunate accident.
    I have personally seen the aftermath of severe injury, left from avoidable types of “accidents”. There is a long, and physical, road to recovery. ..often times the injured area will NEVER fully recover.
    Sadly, They will always have the visual reminders, pain, and scars, even if they do come out of it whole.

    This tragic loss, is a reminder to everyone how short life can be. 41, is far too young to leave this world.

    Maybe this was a freak accident that was completely unavoidable?

    Maybe? But unfortunately, it seems that those “unavoidable” occurrences are few and far between.
    I hope others can learn from this accident, and circumvent any/all harmful situations.

    – Take your time, Read, and do your Research, before handling any explosive item.
    – Make sure you are legally following your local laws, as they ARE there to protect YOU, and OTHERS.
    – Controlled explosives are meant to be enjoyed: At a distance; By responsible handlers; By using respect for the product.

    If you are having “fun”, around explosive projectiles…
    You, ARE doing it wrong!

    Please, Be aware of your audience, be in control of your surroundings, be cautious, and above all BE SAFE!


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