Expert: local churches to see minimal impact in United Methodist Church split

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A major Christian denomination is headed for a split over LGBTQ rights.

The United Methodist Church has decided to split over whether or not to recognize same-sex marriage or allow gay clergy. Dr. Quinton Dixie, a religious studies professor at Purdue University Fort Wayne, tells WOWO News it’s due to a breakdown in beliefs:

“The majority of American United Methodist Churches favor a policy of inclusion, but we’re not talking about just U.S. churches, we’re talking about even more conservative branches in places like Africa and the like,” Dixie says. “There are those that argue on one side for a ‘natural law’ – which includes whatever it is that God seems to have ordained – and there are others that argue that just as we have evolved as a species, so have we evolved as social beings.”

“The United Methodist Church has already said it is open to all people interested in the Christian message, regardless of orientation and the like. That is what they’ve said publicly,” Dixie adds.

Dixie says the split is practically a done deal, but as far as local worshipers go, they can expect their church’s name and doctrines to largely remain the same.

“The Methodist Church will have to hammer out who gets to keep the resources and the name and so on, but I think it’s pretty much a done deal.”


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