Ethanol Over EV Mandates

A new survey of registered voters shows significant support for ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard while revealing opposition to banning liquid fuels or mandating electric vehicles. Morning Consult conducted the survey for the Renewable Fuels Association. “As the new Congress settles in and considers the future of our nation’s energy policy, these polling results demonstrate that Americans strongly support the expanded use of lower-cost, lower-carbon renewable fuels like ethanol,” says RFA President Geoff Cooper. According to the survey, almost 55 percent of the respondents support the Renewable Fuel Standard, while only 15 percent expressed opposition to the program. Meanwhile, 64 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion of ethanol, while just 18 percent said unfavorable. Half the respondents said they weren’t interested in purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle in the next three years, while 42 percent expressed interest. Sixty-six percent oppose banning the sale of liquid-fueled engines in cars.


  1. I’m for liquid fuel. I’m against mandating EVs or spending massive public funds to create charging stations. Yet I questions the ethanol system. Why are we burning our food for transportation? We’re literally swimming in oil. Why burn our food? The only people helped by ethanol are the farmers, maybe and the ethanol producers that likely get government subsidies. It is like our social welfare system. Those really helped are the workers in that system. They reap largess while their customers, the ones supposedly helped remain at a subsistence level economically for generations. Does it really help them or does it create a false market for their corn? How many articles have we seen or herd on WOWO about another subsidy for farmers??? When will enough be enough. You realize don’t you that a subsidy is nothing more than a tax payer funded system?? Which is better, you money goes directly to the food system or you money goes on a side trip to DC before it goes to you farmer. Which is less expensive for the average person???? Have we been so dumbed down so we cannot analyze anything anymore. Why do we participate in government controlled systems with a goal to control free citizens???? Bit by bit liberty is destroyed and replaced with Marxicratism or RINOism. Are we going to sit by and let that happen to us, our children, and our grandchildren? Marxist dictators around the world are just sitting there waiting for our collapse so they can come sweep up the valuable pieces.

  2. We are not swiming in oil! We have already used up the easy oil and are having to frack to get to the rest. Eventhow there may still be alot of oil, we need to save it because it will really will be gone if everyone achives the American dream! Using renewables is a no brainer because it cleans up the enviroment and saves the oil for a rainyer day in the future.


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