Eric Holcomb, other Indiana officials take oaths

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): The Latest on inauguration of new Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (all times local):

11:55 a.m.

New Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb says the state can’t become complacent in spurring economic growth.

Holcomb said in his inaugural speech Monday that too many Indiana families feel they’ve been left behind and too many young graduates are leaving the state.

Holcomb says Indiana “must hammer down” to find a million new skilled workers over the next decade. That’s to replace 700,000 baby boomers who will retire and 300,000 new jobs the state needs to create.

Holcomb also saluted Vice President-elect Mike Pence, saying he kept Indiana’s momentum going the past four years during his term as governor.

11:35 a.m.

New Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and other incoming state office holders have been formally sworn into their positions.

The Republican governor took office Monday and joined others in the inauguration ceremony at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Others taking their oaths were Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Attorney General Curtis Hill and state schools Superintendent Jennifer McCormick. All are Republicans who won election in November. Tera Klutz was sworn in as the new state auditor, replacing Crouch in that position.

Holcomb’s rise to becoming Indiana’s 51st governor was improbable a year ago when he was running in a crowded GOP primary for the U.S. Senate.

But outgoing Gov. Mike Pence appointed him as lieutenant governor. Then Holcomb was chosen as the GOP nominee for governor after Pence became Donald Trump’s running mate.

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  1. I sincerely hope you are not sending the National Guard to the Texas border. You should be standing up to Trump. This is a national disaster. Babies and children being taken away from their Mothers. Vote to make Trump stop this.

  2. I drove theru Indy yesterday via I-65. Last week drove in south side of Chicago (United Center). Are we really talking about remedy(Indiana) versus prevention (Illinois). In Indy I asked 3 people for ‘directions’. Ih Illinois; none.

  3. Hello Gover Holcomb can you help us that is on the fix income can we get help with more food stamps and something to help us get by we need help we can not go to much I am 60 I need help Sir

  4. mayor of Logansport Indiana needs to close down and have people only get a central items and stead of let in any everybody run and spread the Corona 19. He has not close down anything and it’s just spreading

  5. Governor Eric Holcomb, my husband and I voted for you and we appreciate everything you are doing for our state

    My husband served proudly for our city for over 40 years and now we are in need of help.

    My husband helped many businesses, companies, trained other cities bc he was well advanced and serviced churches . My husband is such an ideal man that knows his city . He sacrificed himself and even nearly missed his daughters baptism. He may have missed one day of work. He worked all hours and never complained.

    My dad worked at the steel mill for many years , he served his diligence in every way ,he was deemed disabled as a large steel beam ended his ability to work. He had passed in 2006
    And I worked with our government as a librarian for 6 years of until my child became ill.

    We are a family that gave to our community and now we are reluctant to ask for help.

    Our bills piled up due to my husbands Glaucoma $45 per script (2 is needed per month at a cost of $90 per month) daughter ongoing chronic life long illness where she need infusion , myself many ongoing medical illness.

    My Nipsco bill does not help. My husband is always cold and our Nipsco currently Over $500. I do not understand how expensive it is. I paid to a zero balance and they charge me so much it is heartbreaking .

    Nipsco has monopolized our city and doesn’t care. They want ppl to go to community for help. Seriously I do need the help but waiting in lines now is dangerous. Nipsco they continue to raise their rates.

    Something has to be done .

    I wish you and you beautiful wife and intelligent family best health and my wish is for you to continue to serve the people and do your best.

    Thank you so very much for your selflessness dedication with efforts to improve our state!

    Thank you for your time.

    Mrs. Mary Angel Ralowski

  6. I just want to throw this out there I all for shutting everything down and taking care of things that way. But what if store close for so many hours during the day and open so many through the night. It will help with some many people still out in the store during the day. Also helps others that work over night hours, so the can get things they need as well. Just a thought…

  7. We need all to stop we with exceptions to medical and law enforcement.
    There is no reason to get you car detailed or oil changed or etc.

  8. Governor Eric Holcomb,
    I am interested in knowing why is the schools and teachers out, but yet the
    custodians are in the schools risking there
    life from this Corona virus. I really don’t
    understand it.

  9. I know you are very Busy but i hope this gets to you. I just wonted to say thank you for everything you have done for us . I have been watching you on television every time you are on to see what’s going on . I have seen you’re face when we have lost a life and I have seen you when life has been Saved I’ve seen the stress and lately I’ve seen some relief to i know theirs still a long road to go but with you at the wheel I feel it’s going to be a straight road to recovery . But it will be one day at a time I’ll be praying for you as always and I look forward to seeing you on tv be safe and be proud of your team and all you guys have achieve because we are proud of you all

  10. Governor Holcomb, Very proud of the work you and Dr. Box are doing. You two plus others I’m sure are TIP TOP on my List. You have my wife and I vote when needed. Cary L. Stump.

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