Elementary School Knife Incident Leads To Withdrawl of Five Students Within FWCS

Photo Courtesy: WPTA ABC21

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): An Elementary School Knife Scare Wednesday has led to the withdrawal of five students within FWCS.

Parents with students at Fort Wayne Community Schools say that they have taken all five of their children out of the district after a 10-year-old boy pulled a knife out of his backpack in a crowded elementary school hallway Wednesday.

According to our partners in news at ABC21, the incident stemmed when a 10-year-old boy overheard 9-year-old girl talking and became angered when he heard what was being discussed. The girls’ brother attempted to resolve the situation but the boy with the knife then threatened the girls’ brother with bodily harm.

A district spokeswoman has provided no further comment on the incident.



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