Electric Works 5th extension of deadlines facing opposition from local elected officials

(Photo Supplied/Greater Fort Wayne Inc.)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The Electric Works Project is facing some opposition from local elected officials.

In a letter dated Friday to Mayor Tom Henry and other leaders – Fort Wayne City Councilmen Jason Arp and Paul Ensley as well as Allen County Commissioner Nathan Hartman urged Henry, along with City Council, the Capital Improvement Board and the Redevelopment Commission to deny R-T-M Ventures a 5th extension of their deadline to secure private financial backing, citing food and beverage tax revenues that have been hurt by restaurant and bar closures due to the pandemic, as well as RTM being unable to secure private financing during a bull market, and that being less likely with the economic stress that has since set in.

The Councilmen and Commissioner said that instead, the money that was to be pulled from the legacy fund, should be retained to be used for any financial shortfalls due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

They closed by saying that the city would be better served to prepare for the potential of economic stress, rather than offer a 5th contract extension.

Arp-Ensley-Hartman Electric Works April 2020


  1. How many times are we going to extend this bad idea? What a joke! Why are tax payers supporting this pig of a project with our tax money?


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