EACS to move to virtual learning Wednesday for grades 7-12

(Photo Supplied/ East Allen County Schools)

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WOWO): East Allen County Schools is moving all students in grades 7-12 to virtual learning starting Wednesday, Nov. 18 through Tuesday, Nov. 24.

EACS says they plan on students returning to return for in-person classes on Monday, Nov. 30 after Thanksgiving Break. The district says this is due to an influx of positive COVID-19 cases. Officials add that this move is also based on the need for substitutes and the district’s inability to cover all of the classrooms.

Custodians will deep clean and sanitize the buildings. All extra-curricular activities expected to continue as scheduled.

Elementary students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade will continue with in-person learning for the time being.


  1. EACS has not done a very good job at communicating with parents when it comes to Covid case counts.

    They are not informing parents of Covid-19 case counts in school buildings, which is leaving too much room for uncertainty.
    And excuse me, I do not trust anyone with the health and well-being of my children and family.

    They do an excellent job of talking at you, sending their expectations, trying to be “in control” that it borders on controlling.

    I cannot believe other parents accept “statments” from schools instead of clarity consistent communication. And not only giving communication, but also receiving it.

    If they give “statements” when it comes to a world wide pandemic, but refuse to answer the questions of parents…then they’ll do it with anything.

    EACS lacks integrity. And it has not taken long to realize that.

    • I am a student of EACS, and I agree. There is a complete absence of communication until all of the sudden you’re exposed to the virus… And on top of that, kids are only sent home for 10 days rather than the recommended 14 days in correspondence with the incubation period. My school has had over 200 kids sent home over the past two weeks due to positive tests and exposures, and we’re shut down only because of a “lack of substitutes”? What a blatant slap in the face that they decided to not only outline this as a reason for shutting down, but to make it clear that it was the ONLY reason. Students and teachers are getting sick left and right, and the only reason for it is the utter lack of care and precaution provided by my school and by EACS. Masks are loosely enforced here, and it is not uncommon for students AND teachers to wear them around their chins or omit them completely within the classrooms. There was no attempt to socially distance desks, and all of my classes contain desks no more than a foot apart from each other in all directions. Classrooms are given no special treatment when a positive case (there have been MANY) has been identified; there is no deep cleaning of the area whatsoever. The poor facade of care that my school attempted to put up is faltering, and nobody seems to mind it. We were essentially thrown into the building with no precautions or preventative measures for the virus. My school, along with a great portion of EACS, seems to have a “we’ll deal with them WHEN they get sick” mentality. I dont want to come into school each day pondering the very real reality that I might be exposed to the virus by a classmate and sent home repeatedly every day. The complacency is sickening, pun intended. I know that the school alone cannot take responsibility for what kids do off-campus. However, I cannot understand why they keep forcing students into a building when they KNOW kids are not taking precautions to avoid catching COVID-19 outside of school hours, and then not making actions and procedures to stop those kids from being in close contact with others over the course of the school day. There was no attempt to free up space in the building, and no attempt to do a blended schedule. We are forced into close contact every day with students who have been going to social gatherings, parties, family outings, and practices completely unmasked and non-distanced. I’m rambling, but god I am so sick of the false face that EACS puts on solely for PR. If they truly cared, they would’ve gotten their strings untangled over the 4 months they had before the school year. Now we are left with this. Good Job EACS. I hope you’re proud.


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