Dr. Kelli Ward

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  1. So, did Sen. McCain ASK for her advice? This feels more like “resign and disappear so I can advance my own political career” than anything useful to the senator. He has lived his life his own way and he is dealing with his diagnosis, treatment, and, perhaps soon, perhaps later, his dying–all in his own way. It really bugs me when so-called experts decide there’s one way to do anything. Each of us is unique, lives our life in a unique way, and dies in a unique way.

  2. […] Sen. John McCain’s former primary challenger didn’t wait long to say that he should step down from office following this week’s devastating news about his health. One day after McCain’s brain cancer diagnosis was revealed, Kelli Ward, who ran against McCain last year, was already talking about the possibility of taking over his Senate seat. “I hope Sen. McCain is going to look long and hard at this, that his family and his advisers are going to look at this, and they’re going to advise him to step away as quickly as possible, so that the business of the country and the business of Arizona being represented at the federal level can move forward,” Ward said during an interview on Thursday. […]

  3. Most of these comments are taking Dr Kelli Ward’s statements out of context. First, Dr Kelli Ward’s campaign has started long before Sen McCain’s brain tumor diagnosis- so hardly an argument for her Career Advancement. Second, as a Doctor herself, she seems to speaking from the under standing how a Glioblastoma brain tumor can effect ones natural ability to function. Personally speaking, as a benign brain tumor survivor myself; durring my own treatment cycles I refrained from working as it effected many of my abilities to function. I also lost my Mother from a Glioblastoma and couldn’t imagine how Sen McCain could continue as status quo. Considering his age, I agree with Dr. Ward that he should be spending more time now with his loved ones and family. If Sen McCain’s own Doctors hasn’t recommended this yet- The good Doctor Kelli Ward has. What’s all the controversy for sane advice?

  4. If you haven’t watched someone with a Glioblastoma brain tumor die, then you should not comment on whether or not John McCain should/should not step down. This is a devastating illness that only has a 3-5% survival rate beyond 12-15 months. John McCain is 80 years old. He will not survive this. If he decides to fight it with chemotherapy, the drugs will create such a havoc on his body that he will not be able to attend to his Senate duties. If he decides to go with radiation treatments, the effects with be more subtle–but understand that radiation will also destroy healthy brain cells. If he tries both treatments at the same time, ths effects will be more pronounced. But with either treatment or the combination of both, there will always be a questioning of his mental status. This tumor took tome to grow. Look at McCain’s aggressive behavior over the past few months. His forgetfulness, his bursts of anger. I truly believe his diagnosis is much worse than is being told to us, and I don’t believe he will survive beyond 8-10 months. He does need to immediately resign so that Arizona and the Republican party continues to have an active voice in the Senate. John McCain needs to spend time with his family. And full disclosure…I do not like John McCain at all. He is a bully and he treats constituents who disagree with him with disdain. I only voted for McCain one time in 1982 when he first ran for Congress. And I did vote for Kelli Ward in 2016 based on her service in the Arizona State Senate. I plan to vote for her to replace Jeff Flake. That being said, my heart beaks for John McCain and his family. As his illness advances, he will not realize what is happening, but his family will. The pain they will feel knowing there is nothing they can do will never go away. I know, because I carry this type of pain with me every day…it never goes away. Stay home, John. Let your family love you, care for you, make as many good memories as they can.

  5. So what!! After everything he has done for this country he deserves to either live or die while in office!! What an opportunistic cow!!
    I hope she is never voted into office!


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