Donald Trump rallies in Fort Wayne

(Saige Driver/News Talk 1190 WOWO)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The Republican front-runner for President came to Fort Wayne Sunday.

Donald Trump brought his brand of campaigning to the Memorial Coliseum in front of thousands of supporters.

“It’s a movement toward being smart. Our country is being run by people who have no clue. We’re going to get it straightened out,” Trump said of his campaign.

Trump talked about his priorities should he become President in November, including jobs:

“Steelworkers are getting hammered in Indiana. The car industry is getting hammered. It’s all bad, but we’re going to bring it back.”

He also criticized trade deals made with China, saying China is “raping” the United States, and criticized the country’s leadership.

“Our leaders are grossly incompetent and they never should’ve been elected,” Trump said, adding he would tax Carrier 35% for every product they sell in the United States, should they follow through on plans to move to Mexico from Indiana.

Trump lauded the event’s turnout, saying a new attendance record had been set, adding that his campaign is setting voting records for the Republican party.

“We have to win big. The more we win by the better,” he said of the May 3rd primary.

“The Republican party has to come together. That being said, I think I’ll win anyway.”

Trump, who has almost twice as many delegates as his closest rival, Senator Ted Cruz, is leading Cruz in the Indiana polls ahead of tomorrow’s primary, according to the Huffington Post. Cruz will rally voters Monday at the Grand Wayne Center.

You can see the full rally here, and read more on our Twitter account.


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