Dicamba Makers Assessing Next Steps Following Court Ruling

Makers of dicamba herbicides are assessing what’s next following a court ruling vacating registration of the products. A U.S. appeals court ruling this week vacates current U.S. registrations of certain low volatility dicamba products, including Bayer’s XtendiMax Herbicide. The ruling comes after a group of environmental organizations filed a petition challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2018 registration decision. In a statement, Bayer says, “We strongly disagree with the ruling and are assessing our options.” This week, the court stated, “the absence of substantial evidence to support the EPA’s decision compels us to vacate the registrations.” The ruling pertains specifically to the EPA’s 2018 registration decision, which expires in December 2020. CropLife America President and CEO Chris Novak expressed disappointment with the ruling, stating, “We continue to support the science-based decisions made by career scientists at the EPA,” adding “We hope that EPA’s next steps will reflect the needs of American farmers for regulatory certainty and science-based decision-making.” The ruling also includes dicamba herbicides from BASF and Corteva. It does not include a dicamba product from Syngenta.


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