Dekalb farm accident leaves man in critical condition

("Police Revolving Lights" by Reynermedia, CC BY 2. 0)

SPENCERVILLE, Ind. (WOWO) – A man is in critical condition after he was trapped under farm equipment.

It started around 2:27 p.m. when emergency units with the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department responded to the 6600 block of County Road 75 in Spencerville, Indiana on a report that a man was stuck underneath a hay baler.  After arriving, the 42-year-old man had been removed from under the baler by family members.

The man was alert when medics arrived.  He was transported by the Samaritan to Parkview Regional Medical Center and is in critical condition with possible chest injuries.


  1. Having grown up on a farm, i have known many people with missing digits, families whom lost their loved ones, and my own person bouts with accidents.
    Exercise safety & caution, be aware of your surroundings, and be aware of those around you.

    …and don’t dangle your foot off of the side of your 850 JD tractor, when you are almost 9 years old. I know it seems harmless, kicking your heel on the tread of the wheel, while your Dad is driving… but when it pulls you off, you’ll find it’s heavier than it looks!

    Should you choose to disregard my warning, don’t grab the throttle on your way down, it will stall the engine on top of you…

    Farm Safety is a must.


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