Critics attack Huntington mayoral candidate’s Twitter account

(Darrin Wright/WOWO News)

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WOWO): It’s no secret that Twitter can be a useful tool for a political candidate.

But Huntington Republican mayoral nominee Larry Buzzard is stirring up controversy after making several comments that some are calling “derogatory” and “demeaning.”

Our Partners in News at ABC 21 report that he’s insulted female news anchors and insulted the intelligence of others who have differing political beliefs.

He says those passing judgment without having a “single discussion” with him are really the ones showing prejudice:

“I could have done what others have done and deleted, scrubbed and sanitized my feeds and posts…I have not,” he writes. “You may not vote for me. I get it… But to pass judgment without knowing me or having a single discussion with me is prejudicial.”

Buzzard unseated incumbent Brooks Fetters in the May primary and is facing Johnnie Hiles and Richard Strick, who are both running as independents, next month.


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