Crews testing for groundwater contamination near Bowser Buildings demo site

(Photo Supplied/Jerry Vandeveer)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Possible groundwater contamination at the demolition site of a former Fort Wayne landmark.

Over the weekend crews working on clearing the site of the Bowser buildings on E. Creighton have been doing chemical tests after finding three underground storage tanks on the work site.

Community Development officer Mary Tyndall tells the News-Sentinel testing is underway after groundwater monitoring wells at the site showed high levels of cadmium and lead, as well as the presence of arsenic in soil 6 to 18 inches deep.

That’s a possible problem, since the owners of the site want to donate it to the YMCA for recreational use.

Tyndall says officials are developing a site remediation plan in case the tests do come back with a confirmation of hazardous materials.




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