COVID-19 hitting poorer communities harder

(Photo Supplied/Indiana National Guard)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): While health experts say COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate in who it infects, new data suggests that poorer people tend to get hit harder by it.

The Indiana Management Performance Hub tells the Journal Gazette that the largest amount of cases in Allen County are in two Fort Wayne ZIP codes: 46806, and 46816, which are in the city’s southeast region and are home to a high number of minority and lower-income residents.

That matches a statewide look at the data, which found that the 20 poorest ZIP codes in Indiana have almost double the number of cases as the 20 richest.

Some reasons for that disparity include the fact that wealthier people can more easily have their food or groceries delivered, and work remotely; while those in lower-paying jobs also tend to be classified as “essential” workers who don’t have that option.


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