Couple charged for Bluffton home repair scam

("Police Blue Lights" by Ken Hawkins, CC BY 2.0)

BLUFFTON, Ind. (WOWO): A couple has been arrested for running a home improvement scam in the Bluffton area.

The Indiana State Police says 24-year-old Austin Boswell of Hanceville, Alabama, and 29-year-old Candace Prairie of Peru, Indiana have been booked into the Wells County Jail on felony charges.

Police started investigating after a relative of the victim discovered large money transfers from the victim’s bank account for work that was never done on the victim’s property. Police say the two expanded their scheme by having others pretend to be state agents and inspectors, then tried to convince the victim he also owed back taxes on his property, which they tried to collect.

Police are now looking for the accomplices, and are urging you to reach out if you think you were caught up in the scam.


  1. These jackals ought to be given 50-year terms and have it intensely publicized to make an example of this type of behavior. You can bet your sweet bippy there is no genuine remorse on their part.

  2. Nothing much worse than what the government and law enforcement does every day. Town must be jealous. When they get out of prison, they will get jobs.


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