Controversy over mask mandate at NWACS takes a new direction

Photo Supplied - Northwest Allen County Schools

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The dust-up over compliance with a state-ordered face covering mandate at Northwest Allen County Schools is intensifying following some comments made on social media by the wife of the School Board President.

Our Partners in News at ABC-21 report that Lisa Bobay Somers urged parents Thursday to keep students at home and use remote learning for the remainder of the year, then to enroll them normally, but keep them home on the state’s count day in the fall, which determines funding for schools. She said that if 600 students are kept home, it will cost the district 5-million dollars in funding.

Some parents have expressed concern over those comments, saying that costing the district state money is taking things too far. They also say that the board President, who voted in the minority in the 3-2 decision to comply with the state mandate, cannot separate himself from his wife’s comments.

Board President Kent Somers said that it was foolish for anyone to think he’d do anything to minimize funding used to educate the district’s children.

Northwest Allen County Schools has offered no official comment.



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