Congressman Jim Banks Pushing For Switch From A-10s To F-16s At 122nd Fighter Wing

(Supplied/Congressman Jim Banks)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  A change of military aircraft is one step closer to reality at the 122nd Fighter Wing of the Fort Wayne Air National Guard.  The change will be from A-10’s to F-16’s. Its all part of the National Defense Authorization Act which is being led by the Armed Services Committee who are in the process of their once a year meeting to discuss the various issues effecting the nation’s military forces.

Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks serves on the committee and tells WOWO News that progress for the changeover will take a major step this evening.  “We’ve been fighting to transition the 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne, Indiana from A-10s to F-16s,” Banks addressed, “I’m proud to tell you that the language will be in the bill when it comes out of committee late tonight that will allow for this transition to happen.”

Banks went on to discuss that several hang-ups have occurred to have delayed this transition past years.

You can listen to Congressman Jim Banks full interview with Kayla Blakeslee on “Fort Wayne’s Morning News here:


  1. Banks is a fool on this issue. A-10’s do a job no other aircraft can do. If you are a ground pounder in need of help do you want a plane that is highly armed and armored to come in low and slow to see the enemy. Or do you want a very fast high flyer more suitable to air to air combat? As we ramp up for a Biden war with Russia or China both kinds of planes will be needed to =defeat either or both. Lets see which aircraft company is funding Banks………….

  2. The 122nd already had F-16’s 15 years ago, then they switched to A-10’s…They should keep the A-10’s..the flying tanks. See “the highway of death” from the Gulf war as to evidence for their effectiveness.

  3. Fact: DOD is intent on retiring A-10’s. When the change is approved, these A-10’s will join the 100’s already moved to the Davis-Montham bone yard near Tuscon. Doesn’t make sense to me but when does “Military Intelligence” make sense! Eric Prince argued in congress earlier this year to move 50 A-10’s, that were going to bone yard, to Ukraine to destroy the Russian Tank columns. He said he would recruit pilots/support personnel for such a move. Congressional response: NO… I fear the alternative to basing F-16’s would be deactivation.

  4. Switching to F16 from the A 10 is a mistake. The firepower of the A10 against ground forces cannot be compared. The A10 is far superior to the F16. Plus the A10 is cheaper to fly , protects the pilot better , just a better offensive plane to tanks, artillery’s and ground encampments. Don’t fall into the trap of the Military Leadership (?) of Vietnam. We should have won that war – poor leadership.


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