Congressman Jim Banks on reopening America

Congressman Jim Banks joins to discuss the framework for reopening America.

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  1. Until we can be tested at will it is irresponsible to return to work ! Your concerns though valid, if you try to send your kids to school you doom this county to another pandemic.

  2. Maybe now those American companies who moved their businesses to China for cheaper labor to boost their bank accounts should be made to either move back to the USA or their products not allowed into the USA-period , no if and buts. COME HOME OR LOOSE YOUR CITIZENSHIP.
    Trump has been right all along and yes The whole world through the United Nations action should hold China accountable.
    And send Nancy P to China

  3. It makes total sense to have all tested prior to our work force having to return to work!all we’ve endured and worked to establish by ” hunkering down” will seem worthless.


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