Congressman Banks calls impeachment scandal a ‘sham’

(Photo Supplied / Jim Banks for Congress)

The Congressman says he doesn’t know what Dems are even impeaching the President for. Plus, he was in for quite the surprise last night when he got an invite to dinner from President Trump.

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  1. Please let the congressman know that impeachment points are 1) president using tax dollars to force foreign government to dig up dirt, 2) probably get more clarification on Mueller report if whitehouse will ever let Americans see redacted info (does freedom of information come into play?), and 3) obstruction of justice like telling people not to testify in congress especially if they have to hide information from the American people. WOW I could not believe a congressman would not know what was going on in Congress. Maybe we need someone who stays abreast of current affairs.

  2. If the impeachment was by Republicans on a Democrat President, then it would be OK.
    Can’t believe some of the Republican BS!!!


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