Chair of Allen County Democratic Party to run for City Council

Misti Meehan - Pic provided by Misti Meehan

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Chairwoman of the Allen County Democratic Party, Misti Meehan, has decided to run for the 1st District seat on the Fort Wayne City Council.

When asked why she decided to run all of the sudden, she indicated that she had considered it before, but thought it wasn’t something that she should do since she is the Chair of the Democratic Party. Meehan said “I didn’t feel that it was right for the Chair to run in a primary.  I felt that would discourage others from trying and perhaps give me an unfair advantage because I am the chair of the party.”

Meehan wanted to make sure that nobody else wanted to run for the position, even after the primary.  After making some calls and talking with everyone, she then decided to put her name in the hat for the seat when she realized nobody else was wanting to run.

Misti Meehan believes people will vote for her because she is a balanced, sensible and common sense kind of person. She pointed out that she was in the Indiana Army National Guard for eight years.  Meehan said “I am very community oriented and I think I can speak across the aisle.”

Meehan wants to represent District 1 because the people feel like they aren’t being represented.  She indicates that the people of District 1 have reached out to ask questions and express their concerns and they haven’t gotten any feedback.

When asked why she thinks she would make a good representative for the district, Meehan said “I am a community advocate in anything that I do.  I’m always bringing new ideas or issues to the table so they can be considered and that’s what I would continue to do as a city council person.”

When asked if she was still planning to remain as Chair of the Allen County Democratic Party, she said “I am at this time.  If I were to be elected, that would be a conversation at that time.”  She said she has a very strong team and that people are stepping up to the plate and volunteering and taking on tasks to make sure things get done within the party.


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