Catholic Charities and the City of Fort Wayne unveil new Community Identification Card

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Mayor Tom Henry signed an executive order on Thursday that established the Fort Wayne Community I.D. Card in partnership with Catholic Charities.

Henry said that the purpose for the card would be to “provide an identification card to populations that have challenges obtaining other forms of photo identification”. The benefits of the card, according to the city, would be to assist individuals with tasks, such as accessing City of Fort Wayne Services, or interacting with the Police Department.

The Community I.D. Card does not replace, or effectively stand in for a State of Indiana I.D. or Driver’s License, and it cannot be used as identification to vote.

Individuals wanting a card may obtain one by contacting Catholic Charities at (260) 422-5625. An appointment is necessary, according to officials, and the cost of the cards are $25 for Adults 18-64, and $20 for those 17 and younger, or seniors 65 and older.


  1. Bogus — Who is verifying the information on the card? Why can’t these same people get a state ID? It isn’t hard. Do they have something to hide? — another reason not to contribute to Catholic Charities


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