Carroll High School student called a “hero”

Photo Supplied - Northwest Allen County Schools

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – A girl from Carroll High School is being called a “hero” after she saved another student from choking.

According to our partners in news at ABC21, Marissa Kozel was with her friends at lunch last Wednesday when she noticed one of them was choking.  Marissa knew exactly what to do as she is a trained lifeguard.  After her third attempt, her friend spit out the food allowing her to breathe again.

Marissa said her friend was appreciative and soon after she was back at the lunch table joking around.  She is hoping that this will inspire others to learn lifesaving techniques.

This isn’t Marissa’s first time saving someone’s life.  She also has saved her little sister when she was choking on a granola bar.

The school awarded Marissa with the “extra mile award” as a result of her heroic actions.


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