Bill to eliminate carry permits dies in Indiana Senate

("handgun" by Robert Nelson, CC BY 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): A bill that would have done away with requiring Hoosiers to have a permit to carry a gun has died in the State Senate.

State Representative Ben Smaltz of Auburn was pushing for the bill to pass, saying it would get rid of what he says are month-long delays for Hoosiers wanting to get a permit but who are being slowed down by fingerprinting and background checks.

Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray says the bill won’t get a hearing because it had some “major flaws,” including opposition from police groups throughout Indiana.

The Journal Gazette reports that Fort Wayne State Senator Liz Brown, who heads up the Senate Judiciary Committee, will have the Senate get rid of the $75 fee for a lifetime carry permit instead. SOQ


  1. Rodric Bray is a joke, he even admitted he was wrong and he bought into a smear campaign on this stating wrongful facts.
    Here’s to you cleaning this up a d reporting the errors.


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