Battery-powered smoke alarms recalled for improper testing


NATIONWIDE, (WOWO) – Check your smoke alarms.

Universal Security Instruments, Inc. reports some of its battery-powered smoke alarms may have been installed without proper activation and testing.

The recalled alarms all include model number MI3050S, and were all manufactured between January 19, 2015 and July 11, 2016.

Keep in mind, the following alarms are NOT affected:

  • No USI Electric brand alarms are affected.
  • No hardwired, 120V AC/DC alarms are affected.
  • No carbon monoxide alarms, or carbon monoxide + natural gas alarms are affected.
  • No combination alarms are affected.
Photo Supplied – Universal Security Instruments, Inc.








To determine if your battery-powered smoke alarm is affected, follow the steps below:

  1. Compare your smoke alarm with the above image. Does it say “Universal Smoke Sensing Technology” on the front? If your alarm looks like the alarms picture in the green box, it is not affected in this recall. Also check for a green LED, either flashing or steady, on the front of the alarm. If there is a green light, it is not affected in this recall.
  2. Press the test button. If the alarm sounds, it is operating correctly. If it does not sound, remove it from the mounting bracket by twisting it counter-clockwise.
  3. Locate these markings on the back of your alarm: company name, model number and date manufactured. If your alarm is under recall, the markings should match up with the image below.
  4. If your alarm is affected, complete a Product Registration Form, and you will be contacted for a free replacement.
Photo Supplied – Universal Security Instruments, Inc.









For more details, visit and click “Product Safety Notice.”


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