Bass Road delay frustrates residents

(Photo Supplied/Allen County)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A long-awaited road construction project in Fort Wayne has been delayed again.

Bass Road has been under construction since April of 2017, in a multi-year project that includes widening the road and installing roundabouts.

The roundabout at Hadley Road was supposed to open two months ago, then this Friday, but problems with a railroad crossing there have delayed it until the end of March. Most residents tell our Partners in News at ABC 21 they’re tired of waiting:

“Why, again, are they not halting the train traffic instead of the people traffic, the car traffic?” asked Sarah Edwards. “It’s like, open it up for the people, make them wait if it’s their issue.”

Several others pointed out where impatient drivers had either moved the barricades at the roundabout or just driven on the sidewalk to avoid them.

Even after this stretch is finished, another roundabout will begin construction at the intersection of Bass and Thomas roads within the next couple of years.


  1. The map points to the bridge over I-69 being closed, but the intersection with the roundabout is located to the west of the interstate. I don’t think anyone wants to mess with a moving train. The lightest vehicle loses that battle every time. If earlier reports that the contractors cut communication lines on the railroad right of way are correct, then blame the contractor and the county, not the railroad for the problem. Federal law is in effect when it comes to grade crossings at railroads. Those of us on the west side of Fort Wayne have put up with traffic construction woes for a few years now, and it will get worse again when they close the bridge over I-69 on Hillegas Road to rebuild it. Close down lanes of Coliseum Boulevard West in front of Fire Station 6, and then Washington Center Road, and then the bridge over US 30 on Hillegas, all at the same time this summer, and watch people try to move around. Virtually impossible!

  2. What are they doing to resolve this issue? I live in Stratford forest, my children go to arcola, and my daycare was carepointe. This has been a MAJOR inconvience for a very long time. The sad thing is I have yet to see anyone out working on it. Leads me to believe whomever cannot figure it out. Either it was extremely poor planning and execution or a mistake we are having to suffer through. Either way, I would just like to go back to my gym and shop where I want without it taking an extra half hour to get where I want to go!


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