Banks: “Everybody” working on ending partial government shutdown

Original Photo: "Congress" by EFF Photos, some rights reserved

WASHINGTON (WOWO): The partial government shutdown doesn’t look like it will be resolved anytime soon.

Republican Indiana Congressman Jim Banks tells WOWO News that’s not due to a lack of effort on lawmakers’ part, despite no real signs of debate and the House and Senate both ending their sessions yesterday just minutes after opening them.

“Everybody wants the shutdown to end, the President included. We want to get a deal to the President’s desk to sign, but we (Republicans) want it to include a substantial boost to border funding, to build the wall.”

Democrats, however, say President Trump doesn’t have the votes for a border wall, and say the $5-billion price tag is far too high.

Republicans that currently control both the House and Senate will yield the House to Democrats when lawmakers return to Washington in January. All signs point to the shutdown lasting at least until then.

President Trump has threatened to close the nation’s southern border entirely if a deal cannot be made with Democrats.


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