AUDIO: Henry seemingly confirms retaliation against Keesling

(Tom Franklin/WOWO News)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A development in the argument between Fort Wayne’s Mayor and City Clerk, over tickets and parking spaces:

“People are stopping me, saying ‘oh, you got fined $100.’ No, I didn’t. I wouldn’t have paid that ticket anyway,” says Mayor Tom Henry to City Clerk Lana Keesling, in a recording provided to WOWO News of a discussion between the two that happened after Keesling’s office issued a $100 ticket over an expired license plate on Henry’s city-owned car.

Keesling says Henry retaliated against her for that by revoking her parking spot at Citizens Square, something seemingly confirmed by the audio, apparently captured by a recorder in a bag or purse.

“So, you are removing my garage door opener because of this situation?” Keesling asks in the audio, to which Henry replies: “Exactly.”

In a statement provided to the News-Sentinel, Mayor Henry’s spokesman John Perlich said the following:

“We’re disappointed Clerk Keesling recorded a recent, private meeting with the mayor without the mayor’s knowledge. Mayor Henry wants to move forward and restore his relationship with Clerk Keesling. That effort began late yesterday with his outreach to the clerk to reinstitute the parking spot she previously had. We don’t want the recent and unfortunate disagreement to get in the way of the mayor and clerk serving the public with excellent services.”

Hear the full recording below:


  1. WOW! very interesting! Stick to your values girl!..Sounds like Henry needs to drive his own personal car instead of breaking the rules which he apparently doesn’t have to follow cause he is the MAYOR..

  2. Typical liberal response… “The rules don’t apply to me! I’m important! The citizens are my subjects!” Hey, Tom, it’s NOT YOUR building! It belongs to the citizens of Fort Wayne!

  3. Apparently his benevolence and Christian Family values don’t spill over to the every day business of running the city.

    “My Building”…

    Guess what Mayor Tom.. It isn’t
    Your arrogance is showing. How embarrassed you must be.

    • Perhaps the MAYOR can provide a comprehensive list of all of the other buildings that “HE OWNS”. Since parking laws are not applicable at “HIS” buildings, this would be a handy list for those times when one doesn’t have sufficient parking cash on hand………

  4. Get off your fake throne king henry. You are mistaken the Mayor-ship is a not dictatorship. You were elected by the voters of Fort Wayne to represent them and put their interests first. You don’t sound like a Mayor in this instance. For weak people, power corrupts.

  5. What a bigshot! He can bully a City employee to tears,commit the citizenry to hundreds of million of dollars of debt on long term loser projectsan gives away the farm on tax abatements. Henry for America…Ha Ha.Wait until his nephew takes his place in office.That will be a real treat.

  6. This is not D.C., Mayor Henry… and you’re not a Clinton.
    You should commend city staff for doing their jobs and treating us equally under the law.
    The fine wouldn’t have even been paid from your own pocket, so the only reason that you acted out in a spiteful manner is because your wife was teased online?
    Your arrogance and pettiness is disgusting.

  7. Stick to your values Lana Keesling he can get away with this harassment it’s time we hold these liberals feet to the fire, they have been so crooked for so long, the Chicago- style politics have to stop, during his speech to us the deplorables he thanked the Rinos for approving all the extra taxing, all but Paul Ensley, Jason Arp and Russ Yehl way to call out your buddies on the Council. I can’t understand how he keeps getting elected……

  8. One more woman causing trouble. I am no fan of the Liberals however taping a conversation in secret is ridiculous. If that is the only way Lana can feel she is important? Sad.

  9. Sounds to me like a set up from Keesling! She was baiting him to say “retaliation” (which he never did) knowing she was taping him. Hope someone gets a tape on HER without her knowledge!

  10. Good for you Lana for making everyone accountable including the Mayor. Fair is fair. Saw a new side of our Mayor baited or not, and he lost my vote for sure! He should have just parked in the garage and none of this would have happened. Tom you are not above the law, typical politician attitude.


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