Area rivers approaching flood stages

("[Rain]" by [a.dombrowski], [Creative Commons])

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The rain is never going away… at least, that’s how it probably feels for you.

ABC 21 Chief Meteorologist Matt Leach says it’s been wetter than usual so far this year, but this month has still somehow been a bit drier than average.

“We are almost three inches above our normal averages. We are at 15.95 inches for the year. So it’s definitely been wetter, but May has been below normal. We’re about a half inch below our average. April was our wettest on record and May has been drier than normal.”

Still, all this rain is adding up: the National Weather Service reported the St. Marys River in both southeast Fort Wayne and northern Decatur in a “minor” flooding stage this morning, with other area rivers near flood stages.


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