Area lawmaker pushing bill labeling Ivermectin as effective COVID treatment

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

GOSHEN, Ind. (WOWO): An area lawmaker is pushing a bill that promotes the drug ivermectin as an effective COVID-19 treatment.

Goshen Republican State Representative Curt Nisly’s bill, House Bill 1372, allows pharmacists to dispense the anti-parasite drug to fight the virus while also prohibiting medical boards from punishing those who write or fill such prescriptions.

DeKalb County Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Souder tells Fort Wayne’s NBC he’s uncomfortable with lawmakers getting involved with what doctors prescribe:

“It’s better if a physician is honest and I’d rather them do what they think is best as long as it doesn’t cause harm, although there is harm in offering something that is false hope,” Souder says.

The FDA says there’s no scientific evidence that ivermectin helps treat COVID-19.


  1. I’m uncomfortable with Health Officials not following science. Ivermectin has worked well all over the world. Some countries issues Ivermectin kits to all their citizens. Sadly Darth Faudci is in the pocket of big pharma. None of those money grubbers can charge big fees for Ivermectin because its patent has expired. The Pfizer pill can only be sold for bout $7 in India because Ivermectin is so pervasive. Yet they want $hundreds for the pill here because Ivermectin has been shunned. That statement about there being no studies is a canard, a lie! Read Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s new book “The Real Anthony Fauci.” You will be astounded that Fraudci isn’t already in Super-max! Darth Fraudci always says that drug hasn’t gone through the gold standard of studies. Yet his “vaccines” haven’t gone thought the usual years of study before launching to the public. Why do you suppose big pharma demanded immunity for the side effects of their covid “vaccine?” After reading only half the book about how the Fraudci/big pharma/new drug study system works I’m reluctant to take any drug suggested by anyone in the government/big pharma scheme. We find that the vaccinations arent working so the goon are demanding inspections, testing and incarceration of anyone who rejects the “vaccines.”

    I fully support this bill!

  2. You are really starting to see those paid by big pharma.
    I’m glad the truth is coming to light. Covid protocols were never about helping patients recover or even survive. It was all about money and control.

  3. Just like School boards and departments of Edu, health departments have also become corrupted with politics. The choice should exclusively be between you and your doctor.

    Any opposition to this is from politically minded people and they need to loose their job.

  4. Good. I hope the bill passes and becomes law so we can move on and put this behind us. Ivermectin has saved many many lives from this no-see-um ligated spike protein bioweapon. For those who don’t know what no-see-um molecular ligation is, look up no-see-um technology. It’s important to know what one is being attacked with.


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