Area educators say Indiana not spending enough on schools

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The state of Indiana doesn’t spend enough money on your child at school.

That’s according to hundreds of teachers who rallied at the Statehouse over the weekend. Northwest Allen County Schools Superintendent Chris Himsel tells Fort Wayne’s NBC that budgets speak priorities:

“When the increase per student goes up 5.2% for one segment and the budget increases 1.5% per student in another budget, it lets us know there’s a higher priority put on the students in the voucher schools, which currently only represents about two and a half percent of all the student population that is funded by the state of Indiana,” Himsel says.

The Fort Wayne Education Association says if schools and teachers don’t see a decent bump in funding, the area’s teachers may look to other states for work. Governor Eric Holcomb is calling for a 2% increase per year in the state’s education budget. Experts say that’s not enough.


  1. I have heard for over fifty years that schools need more money. It’s never enough. I am to the opinion that you could give every school district a Billion dollars and it still wouldn’t be enough!!!


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