Another Ag-Tech company signs with Electric Works

Electric Works - Heather Starr/WOWO News

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Press Release): Electric Works is adding an innovative Commercial Regenerative Agriculture (CRA) technology company to its expanding list of tenants.

Muncie-based agriculture technology firm Balance Holdings, Inc. will locate one of its patented Environmentally Controlled Sustainable Integrated Agriculture (ECSIA) systems at Electric Works. The ECSIA system combines Commercial Regenerative Agriculture with raising fish and crayfish in tanks to grow the most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables available for their “prescribed” food prescription plan, consumer and commercial sales on-site at Electric Works and throughout the region.

ECSIA’s zero-waste, closed-loop system uses 1 percent of the water needed for traditional agriculture and less than 20 percent used in hydroponics. The system mineralizes waste from the fish to make nutrient-rich water, which then flows into troughs to feed growing fruits and vegetables. The plants also filter the water, which is cycled back to the fish tanks.

“For ECSIA, growing better food is more than just putting a better tomato into the grocery store – it’s about growing a better future for our children,” explained company founder Glynn Barber. “We believe healthier food produces healthier people which produce healthier communities – and we see an exciting and unique opportunity for ECSIA to make a profound impact on this community, partnering with healthcare providers and higher education institutions at Electric Works.”

To date, more than 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables have been used with the ESCIA system. ECSIA systems are currently operating in East Chicago, Elkhart and Wapahani, Ind., as well as in Waco, Texas and Haiti.


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