Anonymous $50,000 donation to help northern Indiana evictees

("Looking After The Homeless - The Salvation Army" by William Murphy Follow , CC BY-SA 2.0)

ELKHART, Ind. (AP) — The Salvation Army of Elkhart received an anonymous $50,000 donation that will help dozens who are being evicted from a northern Indiana apartment building find a new place to live.

The Elkhart Truth reports that the money is from a private donor who does not want to be named. It will be used to assist more than 40 households who were recently given 30 days to move out of The Renaissance at Historic Hotel Elkhart.

The building is being redeveloped. It primarily housed tenants who are elderly, disabled or on a fixed income. Many said they did not have the resources to find a new place to live.

Forty-one units in the nine-story building were occupied at the time the notice to vacate was given.


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