Andrew Luck visits Fort Wayne for Change the Play camp

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck attended the Change the Play camp at the University of Saint Francis today.

Luck and Riley Children’s Health partnered up for the Change the Play as a way to teach children how to make good decisions about nutrition and exercise and help develop healthy habits at a young age. The program was founded in 2013 and has impacted 83,000 kids.

The program is eight weeks long and designed to empower kids of all ages to be quarterbacks of their own health and wellness.  Through the duration of the eight weeks, the kids have a different challenge each week. Challenges for the program include ready-set-stretch, mindful mornings, H2Go, power up, chill out, dart & dash, game changer and be the QB.

Today Andrew Luck said as an athlete, consistency is so important.  He said “We struggle in this state with pediatric heart disease, diabetes and obesity and I know that Riley Children’s Health is working their butts off as are many people in this state to get those numbers pointed in the right direction and have a health next generation. So try to have some fun and impart some lessons.”

Luck said “Being around kids is always awesome. It provides great perspective, it gives me a bunch of energy, I know that.”  He tries to throw a pass to every kid. Sometimes they catch it and sometimes they don’t, but he said “watching a kid run around and eyes get big and you know, try and catch a ball is certainly a thrill.”

To sign up or get more information on the Change the Play program, click here.




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