Almanac: “Polar Coaster” expected for 2020 winter

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Get ready for a “Polar Coaster” this winter.

That’s what the 2020 Farmers’ Almanac is calling next winter, predicting yet another freezing, frigid, and frosty winter for two-thirds of the country, including the midwest, with above-average precipitation expected.

The coldest outbreak of the season is predicted for the final week of January through the beginning of February, with temperatures possibly hitting 40-below-zero across the northern plains.

The Almanac is also predicting another slow start to spring, with winter hanging on into April for most of the country.


  1. Just where are you getting your information from? I can predict weather just as good as the next guy around the block, I can read the Almanac and make predictions that may or may not come true. As of late the Almanac hasn’t even been close to what our weather has been. Wake up people and take what you get for weather.


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