Allen County health commissioner announces new COVID-19 restrictions

Photo Supplied/Brian Davis

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): New local COVID-19 restrictions for Allen County were announced this morning.

With cases in Allen County just under 15,000 as of this morning, with 273 deaths, Dr. Matthew Sutter of the Allen County Health Department says the local case rate is rising at an exponential rate.

“Our daily case count, on average, is now over 400,” he said. At the beginning of October, it was between 45 and 50. That’s an 800% increase since the beginning of October.”

Sutter adds that local hospitals aren’t overwhelmed at this point, but if things don’t change, they soon will be.

Sutter says that Allen County will be in the state’s “red” category on COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday, and so he is implementing the following restrictions, beginning on Sunday, November 22nd:

  • Events and gatherings – NO plans approved for over 100 participants as long as Allen County is in the red category of the state’s COVID-tracking metrics, and no more than 250 in the orange category, sports leagues included.
  • 50% capacity for restaurants and bars for indoor seating. Restaurants and bars must be closed between 12am and 5am. No bar seating: table seating only, no self-serve salad bars and buffets.
  • Gyms to operate at 50% capacity.
  • Schools will not be affected, as the data shows the virus is not spreading at the same rate within classrooms as it is outside of them.

Read the full order here.

Meanwhile, Citizens Square will be closed to the public beginning Monday, Nov. 23, with the building set to reopen on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021. For help with services and conducting business with the city while Citizens Square is closed, click here. All Neighborhood Code Compliance and Parking Enforcement hearings have been suspended. All other city departments will be operational.

Other City of Fort Wayne buildings to close to the public for that same timeframe include the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation office and Parks and Recreation pavilions, community centers, and youth centers.


  1. And all of the restrictions and control will do NOTHING to stop the virus. But it will hurt businesses. The government couldn’t care less.

  2. “YOU, WILL, DIE” – Tom Henry
    …Except the 99.99% of people that contract the virus.

    On a side note:
    Demark Study- Wearing a mask does not protect the wearer from contracting the virus
    I’m not wearing it, and I don’t want to hear your opinion about me not wearing it.


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