Allen County Commissioners give jail update

Photo Supplied - Allen County Board of Commissioners

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The Allen County Commissioners gave an update an efforts to improve jail conditions Friday.

Our partners in news at ABC 21 report that Commissioner Nelson Peters began the update by apologizing for the speed that they moved in proposing the new jail near Paulding and Adams Center. After public comments, Peters said the last thing that they wanted to do was to build a new jail. He also said that the long-term solution to meet the federal judge’s order left them with no alternative but to build a new jail.

Commissioners will meet with the judge on August 25 to present their plan.


  1. City should buy that junk building on Griffin Street for the new jail. It’s the old River City bar. now there is a volleyball place called Fair Play. it’s a peninsula with the Maumee River. No housing and huge land. easy access to all areas of Fort Wayne. Just a thought, better location than beside a school and it helps cleans up the Fort.

  2. Nobody wants a jail in their backyard, but it does need to go somewhere.

    The Jail should be downtown. There’s no reason for Police to commute 5 miles or more to the jail from the Courthouse. Most Architects provide a life cycle estimate; They should have had a renovation plan for improving the Existing Jail from the beginning.

    But our Allen County Commissioners are good people and will provide the best long term solution.


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