Allen County can now use $27 million in ARPA funds for a new jail

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Just over $27.5 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds has been approved by Allen County council members to be used towards a new jail.

The money is considered as revenue replacement for income lost by the county during the pandemic. The Journal Gazette reports that Chris Cloud, chief of staff for the county commissioners, says that means the county can use the money for things such as the jail.

The more than $27 million is part of over $62 million council members were asked to appropriate Thursday, with council approving the plan. The plan leaves the county with nearly $11 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds remaining.


  1. So a new jail??? I just hope the judges, prosecutors, and police officers do their job and catch and punish offenders. If you all intend to just let them go why build a new jail?? Who would need a new jail if the entire justice system fails to do their job??? Every government agent has the sacred duty to SECURE RIGHTS. Letting violet criminals go to re-offend is not SECURING RIGHTS. By their very nature criminals VIOLATE RIGHTS. Don’t believe me? Read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence where Jefferson says your duty is to SECURE RIGHTS. It stands to reason that EVERY COUNTY, all 3,143 of them, must SECURE RIGHTS and prosecute and incarcerate criminal offenders. Otherwise the criminals just move to more lucrative places to do their business. Just look at how DC attracts criminals.


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