Algal blooms found in Defiance County rivers

DEFIANCE, Ohio. (WOWO): A growing problem on the Maumee River in Ohio has made its way to Defiance County, Ohio.

An algal bloom has been detected on the Maumee River and parts of the Auglaize River in Defiance County, according to the Defiance County Health Department. That means a green, potentially toxic film is on top of some parts of the rivers.

Defiance County health officials aren’t sure what the source of the blooms. They’re also not sure if this algal bloom is toxic as some blooms tend to be.

You’re being asked to avoid water that looks like spilled paint, has surface scums, is discolored or has colored streaks, and has green globs floating below the surface.

There’s no impact to the Defiance drinking water.

The Defiance County Health Department has a web posting detailing information about harmful algal blooms.


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