AG Curtis Hill launches multistate investigation into Google

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO) – Attorney General Curtis Hill has announced the start of a multistate investigation into Google.

The investigation looks into the company’s business practices in regard to state and federal antitrust laws.

The investigation will focus on the control that Google has on online advertising markets and search traffic to look for anticompetitive behavior.  Experts from each state will work with federal authorities to assess competitive conditions for online services.  This investigation is designed to make sure free digital markets are accessible to Americans.

Investigations from the past have shown violations on Google’s part, ranging from the advertisement of illegal drugs in the United States to the three antitrust actions just recently brought up by the European Commission.

Attorney General Curtis Hill said in a statement “Just like individual citizens, corporations must be held accountable for following the law. In this instance, we must recognize that stifling free and fair competition is an activity that causes real harm to real people.”

Hill says “If Google has gained its advantages in the marketplace through free and fair competition, then let the chips fall where they will.  If, however, the facts uncovered in this investigation lead us to other conclusions, then we must pursue appropriate follow-up actions to protect the free market.”


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