Abortion advocates urge Gov. Pence to veto abortion bill

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Abortion rights advocates say Indiana Gov. Mike Pence should veto a bill that would ban abortions sought because the fetus has a genetic abnormality such as Down syndrome.

About 30 activists spoke out against the measure Monday at the Statehouse and delivered a petition with about 2,700 signatures asking Pence to reject the bill.

After the measure was passed last week, a national group representing gynecologists wrote a letter to Pence also urging a veto.

The governor could allow the law to go into effect by simply not acting on it within seven days after the bill is filed to his office. As of Monday morning, the bill had not yet reached Pence’s desk.


  1. Why did you choose to use “Abortion Advocates” in your headline? Why not “Women’s Rights Advocates” instead? Would that not support your editorial viewpoint?


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